Aptos Liquid Staking

Payout Rewards Every 24 Hours

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Staking Price

15 Days

Staking Time


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1. Earnings Time

a)     Start of Staking: When users complete the staking operation on the OkayCoin platform, the start time of staking is recorded.

b)     Earnings Calculation Cycle: The earnings calculation cycle of OkayCoin is 24 hours. Daily earnings are settled and distributed to users' accounts at the same time on the following day.

c)      Earnings Withdrawal: Users can withdraw their earnings at any time after settlement. There are no fees for withdrawing settled earnings.


2. Special Reminders

a)     Staking Quantity Options: OkayCoin offers various staking quantity options, allowing users to choose freely according to their preferences.

b)     Staking Tokens: OkayCoin currently supports staking for various tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Please check the platform announcements for the specific tokens supported.

c)      Fixed Earnings Rate: OkayCoin provides a fixed earnings rate, unaffected by market fluctuations. If the market staking yield for a token exceeds the estimated profit, OkayCoin will not provide additional profit to users. This excess profit will be retained as profit for OkayCoin.

d)     Account Security: It is recommended that users enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added account security and change their passwords regularly.

 E)     To select this contract, two or more units must be purchased. Failure to purchase at least two units will result in the suspension of all contract operations and cessation of revenue distribution. Participants in the contract must have the latest funds. Participation using the balance is invalid and will be automatically terminated after the contract expires. No refunds will be given for early termination. Thank you for your understanding.

3. Risk Warnings

a)     Market Risk: The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and the value of staked tokens may fluctuate significantly, affecting the actual earnings of users.

b)     Technical Risk: Despite the multiple security measures taken by OkayCoin, technical risks still exist, including but not limited to hacking attacks and smart contract vulnerabilities.

c)      Liquidity Risk: Staked tokens cannot be traded during the lock-up period. Users should manage their liquidity needs to ensure that staking operations do not impact their financial flexibility.

d)     Policy Risk: Regulations on cryptocurrencies may change in different countries. Users should stay informed about relevant policy developments to avoid potential risks due to regulatory changes.

We hope this guide helps users better understand and use the OkayCoin platform for cryptocurrency staking. If you have any questions, please contact OkayCoin customer service at any time.