Agora Post TGE: Introduction to the $AGA Staking Program

June 12, 2024

As we prepare for the highly anticipated AGA Token Generation Event (TGE), our focus shifts to ensuring a sustainable and robust ecosystem for AGA post-launch.

Today, we are excited to introduce our staking program for the $AGA token, which will allow Agorians to maximize the benefits of their investment based on their loyalty and activity. This will foster a strong, engaged, and loyal community that supports the long-term success of the Agora ecosystem.


First, staking minimizes sell pressure by locking tokens, thus reducing their availability on the market and stabilizing AGA’s value from the start. Second, staking rewards the most loyal users, recognizing and incentivizing those who demonstrate long-term commitment with attractive APYs on their staked positions. Finally, in the future, when our DAO launches, staking can promote long-term community engagement by encouraging token holders to stake their tokens to actively participate in essential governance matters.

Staking is a widely recognized and developed mechanism that we can deploy right after the TGE.

$AGA Staking Details:

  • Offer start date: June 13, 2024, at 10 AM UTC
  • Offer end date: September 13, 2024, at 9 AM UTC
  • Minimum Staking Amount: Free quantity (within the available pool limit)
  • Maximum Staking Amount: Free quantity (within the available pool limit)
  • Link to AgoraHub staking platform: The link to our staking platform will be communicated soon on our social networks

Our platform offers complete transparency, allowing you to view your total staked balance, track the number of tokens you will earn once the period ends, and easily see when each staking period concludes.

This is all powered by a robust and secure smart contract designed to protect your staked assets with features to prevent vulnerabilities.

  • $AGA Locked: When you stake your $AGA tokens, they are fully locked for the duration of the staking period you selected, with rewards claimable after the staking period ends.
  • Multiple Positions: You can add a new stake at any time, but you cannot add tokens to an already staked position.

$AGA Staking Rewards Details:

Our $AGA staking program allows token holders to choose from 4 different locking periods for their $AGA tokens: 3, 6, 12, or 24 months to achieve increasing and impressive returns.

Earn up to 80% APY with the $AGA staking program! The longer your commitment, the higher your returns.

$AGA Token Staking Rewards Table:

  • 3 Months40% APY (10% ROI) — Perfect for short-term stakers looking for quicker rewards. (Pool limited to 2 million $AGA tokens).

Example: Stake 5000 $AGA: Total after 3 months: 5000 + 500 = 5500 AGA tokens. You will have earned 500 additional $AGA tokens after 3 months of staking.

  • 6 Months50% APY (25% ROI) — Ideal for those ready to be rewarded for a stronger commitment. (Pool limited to 3.5 million $AGA tokens).

Example: Stake 5000 $AGA: Total after 6 months: 5000 + 1250 = 6250 AGA tokens. You will have earned 1250 additional $AGA tokens after 6 months of staking.

  • 12 Months65% APY (65% ROI) — The optimal choice for long-term supporters seeking to maximize their earnings potential. (Pool limited to 3.5 million $AGA tokens).

Example: Stake 5000 $AGA: Total after 12 months: 5000 + 3250 = 8250 AGA tokens. You will have earned 3250 additional $AGA tokens after 12 months of staking.

  • 24 Months80% APY (224% ROI) — A custom solution for the most loyal Agorians defining themselves as the pillars of the Agora community. (Pool limited to 1 million $AGA tokens).

Example: Stake 5000 $AGA: Total after 24 months: 5000 + 11200 = 16200 AGA tokens. You will have earned 11200 additional $AGA tokens after 24 months of staking.

Earnings simulation table: by way of example

How to Stake Your $AGA Tokens:

  • Access the AGA staking app
  • Connect your wallet and log in
  • Select the Ethereum network
  • Choose your lockup period and reward rate %
  • Select the number of $AGA tokens you want to stake, approve the transaction, and deposit your tokens
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  • Success! Share the news on your Twitter/X account to help spread the word!
  • View your staked tokens and rewards

You can now see your staked tokens on the dashboard. As soon as you confirm your $AGA token staking transaction, you start accruing tokens. Once the staking duration ends and you have completed the recharge period, you can withdraw your $AGA tokens and claim your staking rewards!

To take advantage of these rates, stake your tokens as soon as possible. Note that these rates will only be available for a limited time, and the total staking pool is capped at 10 million $AGA tokens, so it’s first come, first served.

For a smooth staking experience, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Make sure to hold AGA on Ethereum to stake your tokens. (Available for purchase on Uniswap and MEXC starting June 13 at 10 AM UTC)
  • $AGA Token Contract Address: 0x87b46212e805a3998b7e8077e**019c90759ea88c
  • It’s best to accumulate a significant number of $AGA tokens before staking to maximize your gains and save on gas fees.
  • Deposit your tokens during times of the day when gas fees are lower (e.g., early morning or when the market is less volatile).